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This is pretty amazing. Someone is protesting the curiouscomedy All Jane No Dick comedy festival. They’ve been putting these up all over Portland. As shitty as this is, I hope it actually boosts our ticket sales.

And for those of you wondering, yes this guy is serious. Here’s his Craigslist post trying to recruit protesters.


His name is Matt and he seems neat.

Honored to be on this poster. Show next week!

Is your show the dick severing show? 

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wait, so what is the all jane, no dick thing? (can't believe I moved out of OR and missed all this stuff.)


All Jane No Dick is a comedy festival hosted by the Curious Comedy Theater that features talented and unique female acts from all over the U.S.

The idea is that women only represent 17-19% of the workforce in the comedy industry and the festival seeks to raise visibility of the great female comics out there.

Some guy has been tearing down our promotional materials (we’re a non-profit and that stuff costs us a lot of money) and putting up his own fliers calling the festival sexist and using terms like “feminazi” and “man-bashing.”

He is trying to organize a protest for the festival which starts next week.

I’d love it if everyone could help spread positive messages about this festival. It’s going to be a really great event.


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A woman who says “No thanks, I’ll sleep on the floor”; a woman who freezes up and tenses at your touch; a woman who says “I really don’t want to” and “We really shouldn’t” and “We can’t” and “Please at least wear a condom” is not saying yes to you, and if you would like to pretend that that is unclear, you are a liar, you are being disingenuous, you are lying and you know it. By

Mallory Ortberg, "What counts?" (via dolorimeter)


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